Welcome to the Research and Data Analysis, a unit of Appalachian State University's Office of Research. Research and Data Analysis provides input in the design and execution of research to faculty who are engaged in research across the university. This input includes participating in the development of various operations and procedures for grant and contract submissions as well as providing guidance for the collection, editing, verification, and management of quantitative/statistical/biostatistical data. Additionally, Research and Data Analysis also provides assistance and resources to help faculty with the collection, management, and analysis of data from on-going research projects using a variety of software packages, such as Excel, SAS, SPSS, Stata, and Mplus.

While the Office will give priority to faculty who are working on externally funded research projects, preparing external grant and contract submissions, or working on research projects that have the potential to lead to external funding, the Office will provide resources and assistance to all faculty members to assist in their research.

Please keep an eye out for events that Research and Data Analysis and the Office of Research will be sponsoring and look through the ever expanding list of resources.