Excel Resources

ORC Presentations

  • Managing Data in Excel: Part of our workshop on data management in Excel and SPSS. This part describes how to use Excel to recode data for use in SPSS and gives a shortcut for labeling variable values. Class examples are included in the presentation and can be accessed by clicking "enable editing" then double clicking the icon.


Recommended Websites


  1. Merge a Microsoft Excel File with a SAS Data Set

  2. Excel - Data Management: An overview of managing data in Excel

  3. Data Gathering in Excel

  4. Excel and Questionnaires - How to enter the data and create the charts: This is a tutorial on how to enter the results of your questionnaires in Excel 2010. It then shows you how to create frequency tables (using the countif function not the frequency function) as well as charts.

  5. Data Collector - Merge Data from Multiple Excel Files: Excel macro script to collect data from various excel files-spread sheets-workbook in to one single file.

  6. Microsoft Excel Tutorial For Beginners #1 - An Overview

  7. Microsoft Excel-Online Tutorial For Beginners: A bunch of online tutorial videos on using Excel.

  8. Tour of Excel: Formulas, Formatting, Sort, Filter, PivotTables, Charts, Keyboards

  9. Excel 2013 Tutorials for Beginners: A variety of tutorials for Excel.

  10. Excel 2010 Tutorials For Beginners: A variety of tutorials for Excel.

  11. Microsoft Excel Tutorials: A variety of Excel tutorials from beginner to advanced.

  12. Microsoft Excel for Beginners: A variety of tutorials on Excel. 

Text Resources

  1. How to Collect Data with an Excel Form & Office 365 for Education: How to collect data using Office 365 and Excel.

  2. Collect and Compile Data in Excel: Tutorial on how to collect and compile data in Excel.

  3. Excel Data Management: Various tutorials on Excel data management.

  4. Excel Basics: The general basics of Excel.

  5. Excel Easy: A good website with a variety of Excel resources.

  6. Excel Tutorial: A tutorial for Excel from the University of Rhode Island.

  7. Excel Tutorials: A variety of Excel tutorials including ones for Mac computers.

  8. Excel Tutorial: A variety of resources on how to use Excel.

  9. Excel Tutorial for Mac: A variety of resources on using Excel for Mac computers.

  10. Excel Tutorials and Information: A variety of tutorials on using Excel.

  11. Excel Review Materials: A variety of Excel materials from Duke University.

  12. Microsoft Office Excel: A variety of Excel tutorials by topic.

  13. Excel Tutorial: A variety of tutorials on Excel from Florida Gulf Coast University.

  14. ExcelFunctions.net: A variety of Excel tutorials.

  15. Excel Tutorials: A variety of Excel tutorials from Clemson.

  16. Introduction to Excel: An introduction to Excel from the University of Texas.

  17. Tutorials-Microsoft Excel: A variety of tutorials for Microsoft Excel based on topic.

  18. Anthony’s Excel VBA (Macro) Tutorial: This page contains Excel and VBA (Macro) tutorials.  

  19. Learn Excel by Yourself : A variety of Excel tips and trips from beginner to advanced.