General Resources

We recommend UCLA's Institute for Digital Research and Education website, which provides a variety of tutorials for R, SPSS, SAS, and Stata.  

We also recommend e-books by Statistical Associate Publishing, which provide a theoretical description of a variety of statistical, quantitative, and analytic methods along with step-by-step examples in SPSS, SAS, and Stata.

Below are some of the general resources here include things related to understanding data from a statistical perspective, how to set up surveys in Qualtrics and Excel, and other generally useful resources.


  1. Data Collection: Understanding the Types of Data: Data falls into several categories. Each type has some pros and cons, and is best suited for specific needs.

  2. Collecting Data: A brief overview of things to consider when collecting data.

  3. Statistics - Collecting Data: Data collection techniques and research study designs.

  4. Behavior Data: Collection Types: An overview of collecting behavioral data. 

  5. Top 10 Mistakes in Data Management: A brief overview with examples of data gathering in Excel. 

  6. Excel Data Management: An overview of managing data in Excel. 

  7. Data Gathering in Excel

  8. Excel and Questionnaires - How to enter the data and create the charts: This is a tutorial on how to enter the results of your questionnaires in Excel 2010. It then shows you how to create frequency tables (using the countif function not the frequency function) as well as charts.

  9. Data Collector - Merge Data from Multiple Excel Files: Excel macro script to collect data from various excel files-spread sheets-workbook in to one single file. 

Text Resources 

  1. An Overview of Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection Methods [PDF, 77KB] Gives some tips and comparisons for collecting both quantitative and qualitative data. 

  2. Data Collection Questionnaires-A Quick Guide [PDF, 589KB] An overview of collecting data with questionnaires. 

  3. How Do Psychologists Collect Research Data? Although it says psychologists this article can be used for any study. It gives the different types of research and what types of data are collected.

  4. A Guide To Using Qualtrics Research Suite [PDF, 4.33MB] A guide for using Qualtrics software.

  5. How to Collect Data with an Excel Form & Office 365 for Education. How to collect data using Office 365 and Excel.

  6. Walkthrough: Collecting Data Using a Windows Form. This walkthrough demonstrates how to open a Windows Form from a document-level customization for Microsoft Office Excel, collect information from the user, and write that information into a worksheet cell.

  7. Collect and Compile Data in Excel. Tutorial on how to collect and compile data in Excel.

  8. Excel Data Management. Various tutorials on Excel data management.