SAS Resources

We strongly recommend the UCLA website for a variety of tutorials on using SAS


  1. SAS Video Tutorials: This page has a variety of SAS video tutorials for various topics from beginner to advanced. 

  2. Merge a Microsoft Excel File with a SAS Data Set: How to merge an Excel file with a SAS data set.

  3. Importing Libraries with SAS Management Console: Simple tutorial for creating and updating a SAS Library into SAS Management Console.

  4. Base SAS Programming - Lesson 4 - Reading Data Set in SAS: How to read a data set in SAS.

  5. Base SAS Programming - Lesson 7 - Descriptive Statistics in SAS: How to run descriptive statistics in SAS.

  6. SAS Tutorial Introduction to SAS: An introduction to SAS and SAS data management.

Text Resources

  1. A Really Quick Introduction to SAS [PDF, 139KB]: A very quick introduction for navigating SAS. 

  2. Introduction to SAS: The user manual from the official SAS website. 

  3. SAS Tutorial: An entire tutorial that includes data management and analysis.

  4. Introduction to SAS Macro Language: The basics of SAS macro language. Includes videos.

  5. Introduction to SAS: Brief introduction to SAS.

  6. Introduction to SAS [PDF, 814KB]: Another useful PowerPoint introduction to SAS.

  7. Introduction to SAS: A very detailed guide to SAS software.

  8. SAS Manual for Introduction to the Practice of Statistics [PDF, 1.3MB]: Another manual for SAS.

  9. SAS Introduction [PDF, 552KB] : Another manual for SAS.

  10. SAS Data Management[PDF, 165KB] : A manual for data management in SAS.

  11. SAS Data Management Techniques Cleaning & Transforming Data [PDF, 1.4MB] : An article about how to clean and transform data in SAS.